This is quite a milestone! We have now passed the 10k mark and I really want to thank you all for following and interracting with us. Three years ago when we started planning our first batch, I would never have beleived that we would come this far. :) Thefollower no. 10k happened tobe mr @hakanmarklund, but to be honest he just followed us because I told him that we were closing in to the 10k mark. I also happen to know that he doesn’t even like beer. So, I have decided to give a shootout instead to @frank_the_beerd that would have been no 10k. ūüėé Give him a follow and congratulate him. #Homebrewing #craftbeer #beer #allgrain #allgrainbrewing #beerporn #beergeek #brewporn #diy #skellefte√• #electricbrewery #beerstagram #brewstagram #brewhardware

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